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The Meeting

It must have been the luck of the Irish for Jaimi and Nickolay in March of 2010. Jaimi had agreed to tag along with one of her volleyball friends from Illinois Institute of Technology, Allison, for the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day 2010 in Chicago. The first stop of the night was to meet up with some of Allison’s friends from the Illinois Institute of Technology for one or two drinks then meet up with other volleyball girls from IIT. Upon arrival, who should be sitting there with the guys – Nickolay. After introductions, the ensuing conversation over a couple drinks had Allison and one of the guys seeing the sparks between Nickolay and Jaimi – even if they could not quite see them themselves. So, the plotting began for the evening. As Allison and Jaimi hopped into a cab heading for their next destination, Allison asked ever so not subtly, “What do you think of Nick?”. After the girls had left, Nickolay’s friends were in almost constant contact with Allison to see where they were and to somehow get Nickolay and Jaimi in the same place again before the night was over. The efforts of Nickolay and Jaimi’s friends did not go to waste.Phone numbers were exchanged, dates were gone on, and the good times never seemed to stop.

The Proposal

Right before Jaimi’s parents arrived in Chicago for Christmas 2011, Nick and Jaimi were getting ready for a nice, just because, dinner out. As Jaimi walked into her apartment’s kitchen to pull on her jacket she noticed there was a pocket sized notebook sitting on top of her jacket. She picked it up and began to flip through the pages and a cartoon started to play out in the notebook. A little boy and a little girl began to hold hands, the little girl asked why the boy was so smiley, the little boy said that he was so happy, that he loved the girl, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. As Jaimi finished flipping through the book, she found Nickolay next to her and down on one knee with a ring and a huge smile on his face.With hands shaking and happy tears, Jaimi said yes to Nickolay.

  • Valerie Schwarz
    Honorary Flower Girl
  • Maid Of Honor
  • Alex Thaller
  • Bridesmaid
  • Anna Schwarz
  • Bridesmaid
  • Groomsman
  • Groomsman
  • Bridesmaid
  • Bridesmaid
  • Best Man
  • Bridesmaid

Ceremony & Reception

Ceremony and reception will happen at Silver Lake Country Club on 29th of September, 2012. Ceremony starts at 5:30 PM, followed by cocktails and dinner reception.


We have reserved block of rooms with special rate at Hilton Double Tree in Alsip. Please try to make sure to book it sooner rather than later to ensure adequate price. Shuttle services will be arranged between the hotel and the country club. Google map it!

Our Hilton wedding reservation site.

In case if Hilton is full we have also reserved a block at Hampton Inn Crestwood. Discounted rate is $119 per night, please mention Stroot/Schwarz Wedding to get it. Hampton Inn is located within 5 minutes of the Double Tree. Google map it!

Country Club

East Garden Room
Silver Lake Country Club is a beautiful country club in Orland Park, Illinois. Lakeside ceremony, floor to ceiling windows, colorful flowers and gazebo definitely had an impact in our vendor selection. Google map it


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